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I am passionate about supporting moms through the Mamahood journey! When Mamas have the support they need, families are stronger, children are happier and YOU are happier! I know it takes a village to raise a Mama and that support is vital to our wellbeing as moms.

My joy is connecting you back to You. What inspires you? Nourishes you? Fulfills you? Makes you laugh? What are you here for? What is the calling of your unique life journey and how does that express in the dynamics of family life? Our children thrive when they see us taking care of ourselves. When we secure our own oxygen mask first, everyone gets to breathe! Mamahood doesn’t end when they get out of diapers or when they drive off in their first car. It is a lifetime commitment through all the experiences life has to offer. Fortify yourself for the journey. Make the time you deserve for your own wellbeing. Support the one who supports everyone else - You!

As founder of Mama Wellness Coaching, I am an educator, speaker, and advocate for children and their families. I run a youth program, teach self-defense through Kidpower International, and teach classes in spiritual wellness and women’s empowerment. I have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP), and am a Certified Life Coach. I am a hardcore Soul advocate, and believe that each one of us is here to embrace our power and stand in our purpose- including our children!  

I have been blessed with children who challenge me (almost to the breaking point), adore me (most of the time), and are my greatest spiritual teachers. Mamahood is an opportunity for personal growth like no other! The people who are my teachers, coaches, therapists, and tribe have been essential for getting me through. I rely on my village every day! Some of us have it easier in the Mamahood department, but many of us don’t. If you have a child with special needs, do not have the support of family nearby, are a single mom, or have some health challenges yourself, it is even more important that you invest in yourself. You are so important! You matter. 

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Becoming a mother is amazing and exciting but at times also scary, exhausting and overwhelming. Stefany meets you where you are at with kindness and empathy. Her unique approach and personal experience allows her to guide you to take a breath, relax, broaden your perspective and set meaningful intentions for yourself as an individual and as a mother.
— Kira S.