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When I held my very first precious baby in my arms, I felt like my heart expanded to fill up the whole world. My capacity for love grew in a way that you understand only once you have become a Mama. The feeling of love and protection we have for our children is overpowering. We would do anything for them! -Even deprive ourselves of sleep, forget to eat, and go without a shower. Some Mamas are naturals at self-care, but most of us sacrifice our own wellbeing for our children. At the very least, we significantly scale back the care and attention we give to ourselves while pouring everything into our kids.

Mamahood is an amazing journey. It is filled with the deepest love we have ever known. There can be a feeling that “everything is right in the world.” And it can be exhausting, frustrating, anxiety-provoking, and stressful. We may wonder if we are doing anything right. Or we can be so certain that we are being “the perfect mom,” (she doesn’t exist, by the way), only to find out later that some of our efforts didn’t work out the way we had hoped.

It takes a village to raise a Mama. Motherhood is one of the most rewarding things we can do in our lives, but it is challenging! We need our friends and family, mentors and coaches, Mama’s groups and besties, churches and spiritual practices. We need to eat regular healthy meals and get some exercise. There are many ways that we can bring greater wellness into our lives, yet our biggest obstacle is ourselves! We don’t want to take the time to make ourselves a priority. We think we are being selfish or that we don’t deserve it. We worry about the money, but then spend thousands of dollars on car seats, strollers, diapers, highchairs and organic baby food pouches. All that other stuff seems like basic requirements for our new life. -But our own wellbeing? Nah. That goes on the back burner for when we have more money, more time, when the children are older, etc. As Mamas, we are enormously good at rationalizing why our own needs should be at the bottom of the “to do” list. The truth is, our needs deserve to be at the top.

I am always learning and practicing what I teach others. Parenting does not have an end destination. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” my sister likes to say. As the mom of a child with significant disabilities, she knows the truth of this statement more than anyone. As one of my greatest allies and teachers, she reminds me how important it is that we take care of ourselves, so that we can better care for those who need us. I am not even gonna pretend to offer you the fully enlightened Mama Master who has it all figured out! Nope. I am completely human and I am still figuring it out every day as we are always changing and growing right along with our kids. 

The great news is that I don’t have to be an enlightened master to support You. Thank goodness! Because you are already it! You already have the answers within you. Your truth is right there, waiting for you to tune into it. Something magical happens when we make that commitment to ourselves.  The very act of making that shift that puts positive changes in motion. It is so rare and precious in our busy modern world to take a whole hour to ourselves every week. What a gift! Coaching supports you through all your Mamahood experiences and offers resources, insights, guidance, practical tools and connection. You have a cheerleader and advocate who will hold you accountable for following through on your goals. Mama Wellness begins with bringing out the wellness in the Mama. It's already there. We just need each other to reveal it, embrace it, live it.

We Mamas are the most important people on the planet!


Stefany Reed